L&S Undergraduate Awards

Meyerhoff Undergraduate Excellence Award for $1,000: Deadline March 15, 2017 (L&S undergraduates only)

This award for leadership, service and scholarship recognizes students who have made outstanding leadership and service contributions to the University and/or the surrounding communities while maintaining a record of academic excellence. Requires essay, 2 recommendations, and resume.

Charles Manthey Winter and Richard Ralph Winter Phoenix Rising Humanitarian Scholarship, for $1,000; deadline March 1, 2017 (L&S undergraduates only)

For $1,000 rewards humanitarian achievement and service, encourages excellence and commitment in the application of humanitarian ideals, and affirms the moral obligation to provide for human welfare. Requires essay, 2 recommendations, and record of activities, achievements, and service.

Troxell Glicksman Awards for $300 – $1,500 by faculty or staff nomination; (campuswide undergraduate women). Nominations deadline February 22, 2017.

These awards recognize outstanding upperclass women whose qualifications include intellectual ability and curiosity, good citizenship, appreciation of the world outside herself and interest in participating in its affairs. Once nominated by faculty or staff, application materials are requested including short essay about future plans and resume. Selected applications are invited to a small group interview in early April.

Students can apply for all opportunities listed above at: https://scholarships.wisc.edu/StudentApp