Biology Major Newsletter - October 4, 2017

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Student Spotlight

Will Dyke

Biology Major, Senior

What has been your favorite bioscience class so far, and why?
Psych 450: Primates and Us.  We learned about the evolution of primates and how they led to humans. Professor Coe made the class fun, it helped that he is a funny guy and very engaging in lectures. I enjoyed learning about those goofy lemurs and monkeys.

What class outside of the biosciences has resonated with you the most?
I learned a lot in Political Science 103. It’s a basic course that gives an overview of what political science is and offers a lot of information about world politics and political systems. I thought it was interesting and I think it’s important to have a basic grasp on the state of world political affairs. I would recommend it for students who are curious and may not have a lot of experience in the social sciences.

Are you involved in research?
I work in the Rokers Vision Lab on campus that researches the neural mechanisms underlying visual perception and recently had the opportunity to join an ultrasound imaging study through the Radiology Department at UW Hospital.

I got into research from the Bio 152 Independent Research Project. I sent out about 15 emails to labs on campus that seemed interesting after researching them and was fortunate to get a couple responses. If you want to get into research start as early as possible, but don’t settle for just anything- work somewhere where you are actually interested in the research and it will benefit you much more.

Have you engaged in service or volunteering?
Volunteering through Meriter hospital’s TeamUP and Hospital Elder Life Program has giving me a lot of insight into the medical field where I hope to work in the future. It has also been a great personal experience because I am able to interact and have conversations with a lot of people I otherwise wouldn’t.

Do you have any other tips for fellow Biology students?
Take classes you find interesting and the grades will come more easily, and make sure to take a couple classes in the major about things you aren’t familiar with- you will probably find something really interesting.

Scholarship and Fellowship Events and Opportunities

The College of Letters & Science Undergraduate Scholarship

The scholarship application is open for L&S continuing students

Deadline to apply:  October 15. 
Students can apply here:
and review scholarships information here:

Attend an information session in Memorial Union:
Wednesday, October 4,   5:00 - 6:00 p.m.  TODAY


Research at UW

The University of Wisconsin - Madison has a wide variety of research opportunities.  As a student, you can engage in research for credit, pay, or volunteer.

Finding an opportunity Labs looking to hire student workers/researchers post in the Student Job Center.  Both campus and off-campus organizations post jobs here. You can browse jobs by category (e.g., chilcare, healthcare, science-tech).

Would you like to join a lab or research project for credit?  Visit the Experts' Guide and Discovery Portal to search for topics that interest you.  Reach out the professors and researchers in these databases. Students participating in research for credit may be able to apply it to the major or degree.  See you advisor for more details.

If you are looking for volunteer research, connect with the Morgridge Center. You can browse options by major/interest. Note that lab research may have college or lab restrictions when it comes to volunteering.

The Undergraduate Research Scholars program is for freshman and sophomore students looking for matched researchers and a for-credit seminar to support students. Participants commit to research for one year. 

When the Biology Major receives announcements for research position related to the major, we will post it to the Biology Newsletter (right here). However, we will not be notified of all. You should be diligent in your search through the above resources.

BioCommons has helpful information on how to find and connect with mentors along with planning and presenting research. Click "research" on the top toolbar.


Independent Research and the Biology Major

Learn more about finding and incorporating research into your Biology major.

New Date!
Tuesday, October 17
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
2301 Microbial Sciences Building


The Loewe Lab, located in the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, is seeking undergraduate students specializing in biology and/or genetics to join our team's current projects in Bio Curation and Genetic Modeling.

Career, Job, and Internship Events and Opportunities

Tutors Needed

The Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement (DDEEA) is in need of tutors for Bio 151/152.  Tutoring not only benefits the students, but the tutor as well.  Tutors can earn $9.00 to start (+ $1 per hour for more tutoring a group of 3 -6 students).

Tutors should have an AB or higher in the courses, are currently enrolled at UW-Madison with a 2.75 GPA or higher, and want to help other students.  If interested, contact Africa Lozano at for an application and more details.


Wisconsin Biohealth Summit

October 10, 2017
8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Overture Center

Join 300+ biohealth professionals and listen to keynote speakers and professional panels geared towards young professionals. There will be opportunities to network with peers, industry, and academic leaders. Some of the key themes of the summit are: learning from industry experts to build successful careers in biohealth industry, exploring the future of healthcare, and building networks and transitioning into the biohealth industry.


Other Opportunities and Events

The Wisconsin Energy and Sustainability Challenge

Submit your novel ideas for creating a more sustainable planet. More than $10,000 in prizes will be awarded on February 23 to students with the most innovative solutions in environmental sustainability and clean energy technology.

Any student, any field, any solution is welcome – entries will be judged on originality, feasibility, and environmental/societal impact. Students are encouraged to work in teams to develop their solution in any number of topics related to sustainability – clean energy, food, water, transportation, place-based issues, etc. Solutions can be in the form of new technologies, business plans, or social initiatives.

Info sessions:
Wednesday, October 4  (TODAY)
Room 1150 Wisconsin Energy Institute
2:30 - 3:00 p.m.
4:00 - 4:30 p.m.