Biology Major Newsletter - November 14, 2017

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Announcements and Updates

Enrollment Spring 2018

Today is the first day of registration! May your internet connection be fast and courses available.

Holds: Check your Student Center for holds now. Not right before you register, today! Not all holds are removed instantly. Many students have a hold for "Terms and Conditions" which is a new type of hold. You can log into your MyUW, look on the very top of the page; there will be a button at the top if you still have the hold.

I don't know what to take for Biology! November and April are very busy advising times of year due to registration. If you cannot get in to see your advisor, register using your DARS to determine which classes you need. Review Biology major classes on our Resources page to see what is available in your needed categories (i.e., red on DARS). Make an appointment to review your plan and fine-tune if necessary. You can find your advisor's name and contact information in Student Center (look on the right-side information bar).

I can't get into the class I wanted. If it is physiology or anatomy, see below. For classes with a waitlist, enroll on the waitlist. In the meantime, you should enroll in another class in the event that you don't move off of the waitlist. The back-up class should meet the same requirement if this is your last semester to meet that requirement. 

How do I round out my semester? I already have my Biology classes picked. Do you have Gen Ed requirements left?  Search the course guide with the class type you need (e.g., Humanities, Ethnic Studies, Intermediate level, etc). If you are in CALS, you will need to rely on the CALS International Studies list. It does not break the list down by term offered, so make sure you have some time to peruse it.

You can also look at the Certificates offered by UW. Do any speak to you? Do you want to demonstrate you are knowledgeable in a discipline outside the biological sciences? Try a class from a certificate this semester. To see certificates offered, visit the Guide's Majors page, scroll down and click 'certificates' in the left toolbar.

Talk to friends and ask what was their favorite class and why to see if you may be interest. Or, you could type in topics that you are curious about in the keyword box.  Try monsters, comedy, or health to see how this can work (make sure you click Spring 18 and open classes).

On Wisconsin!
The Biology Major Advising Team


Biology Major Course Updates

You may have noticed some Biology courses are in red on the Spring class list linked from the Resources page. Courses in red need to be reviewed by the Biology Major Program Committee. Once the review has been completed, the courses will converted to black (no syllabus available) or blue (syllabus available) if approved. One class you can expect to see changed is Food Systems, Sustainability, and Climate Change which is cross-listed among a variety of departments. This course will still meet Category E, but will no longer meet the lab requirement. If you were planning on this class for your Intermediate or Advanced breadth lab, you will need to choose another class with an approved lab.


Anatomy and Physiology Registration

Please refer to the October 31 Biology newsletter for complete details on Anatomy and Physiology registration.

Kinesiology 337: Human Anatomy (Lecture)

• Seniors will be able to enroll beginning November 30th at 9am.

• Juniors will be able to enroll beginning December 1st at 9am.

• No priority lists will be collected prior to the enrollment period.

Kinesiology 338: Human Anatomy Lab

• The course will go straight to a wait list at 9am on November 30th for seniors only.

• After enrolling onto the waitlist, email Lisa Cappabianca ( with campus ID #, student status (sr., jr.), date of anticipated graduation and information regarding any post-grad health programs to which they have applied.

Physiology 435 is prioritized for Biology majors Biology majors have priority over students in other majors. Enrollment happens at your assigned enrollment time, and the course typically fills with students with senior standing. Students will be able to join the waitlist after the course fills. There is not typically a lot of movement on the waitlist.

Physiology 335  If you are on the priority waitlist, register for 335 at the time of your enrollment. A waitlist for non-priority students will open at 12:00 pm on December 6, and interested students should join the waitlist at that time. There are typically seats in Phys 335 after priority students enroll, so students can get into the course via the waitlist.

Upcoming Deadlines

Friday, November 24, 2017
Deadline to withdraw from Fall term with W on transcript

Academic Events and Opportunities


Biocore is an honors program that can fulfill both introductory and foundational course requirements for the Biology major. Meet with your Biology Major Advisor to learn how. Biocore provides:

•  Collaborative Honors biology community

•  Small class sizes with supportive large teaching team

•  Strong emphasis on research, scientific reasoning and communication

•  Earn Biocore Honors Certificate

Biocore Info Session
Meet Biocore student peer advisors, learn about program, and get your questions answered! Get a feeling for Biocore Student Experience - VIDEO

Thursday, November 16
132 Noland Hall


* General Chemistry 104, 109, or 115
* First semester calculus: Math 221 (or equiv)
* Fall 2018 (or previous) enrollment in Org Chem 343

Applications Available: December 15, 2017
Application Deadline: March 2, 2018


Applying for the Hilldale or Holstrom research fellowships?  

Don’t miss this workshop! You’ll have the chance to review successful applications from past years in a variety of fields and learn strategies that will help you stand out as a strong applicant. The application deadline for these awards will be in February 2018. Register at

Thursday, November 30
4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
The Writing Center

Career, Job, and Internship Events and Opportunities

--These positions are from BuckyNet. If you are looking for internships or careers after graduation, make sure you register and review the opportunities regularly. See the October 19 Biology Newsletter for more information on BuckyNet.--

Covance is hiring December graduates

We have opened a number of full time Study Technician positions, specifically for December 2017 graduates. These positions are supporting our Early Drug Development labs business and are being made exclusive to UW Madison students for the next few weeks. Interested students must apply online and list ‘university’ as their source of application. This role is also being promoted through Buckynet.


Gundersen Health System Internship

The Student Summer Research Fellow will develop an understanding of medical research in a community-based clinical setting through a 13-week summer internship. Students will utilize commonly used experimental designs for research studies and gain insight in disease processes, observation of diagnostic and treatment interventions. In collaboration with a Principal Investigator (PI), research mentor, and biostatistician, the student will work on a research project, including but not limited to data collection through review of patient medical records, data entry, analysis, and potentially publication. Students will utilize available resources, including but not limited to, the medical library, online resources, departmental guidelines and policies, and methods of scientific writing, to complete specific research project goals. Students will present a 15-minute verbal PowerPoint presentation of their research project findings at a noon conference at the end of the summer internship. Students will gain knowledge of medical departments through specific departmental training and shadowing experiences.

Other Opportunities and Events

International Education Week - November 13-17

Partake in a variety of events on campus that celebrate International Education Week. Events include:

• Global Engagement Fair featuring campus and community organizations, food, and student performances

• Writing Center Peace Corp Application Workshop

• International Scholarship Workshop

• Full list here:


Wisconsin Express

Wisconsin AHEC (Area Health Education Center) is delighted to announce our annual Wisconsin Express. This one-week cultural immersion program is offered in Spring and Summer 2018.

This field experience offers unique insider access to a local region of Wisconsin, including tours of facilities and conversations with people who live and work in that part of the state. The 2018 program offers 14 sites, each with a different cultural focus (such as Native American, Amish, Somali, Hmong, African American, Latinx), and other special focus areas (such as aging, women’s health, addiction, or incarceration). Teams of 6-12 student stay overnight and travel together throughout the week to tour local resources and meet health care providers and many additional professionals in the region, to gain an understanding of the community.

Program dates:
Summer (10 sites) – May 20-25, 2018
Spring Break (4 sites) – 3 different weeks in March 2018; see application for timing and site locations

Participant fee is $210 for the week; partial scholarship assistance is available for students unable to pay the entire fee. Applications received by Friday December 22 will receive priority consideration.