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Biology Advisor Notes

About this Newsletter

Your advisors receive a wealth of information every week including job announcements, career fairs, new classes, scholarships, and other opportunities for your academic, career, or personal growth. Each week this information is curated and posted with Biology majors in mind in this newsletter. At the beginning of the term, there are so many opportunities from summer internships to upcoming deadlines. Don't be intimidated by the length. Please take the time to review the news as we include items for students at all points in their journey at UW. If you are looking for information in previous editions, it is posted on the Biology site.

On Wisconsin!
The Biology Major Advising Team

Faculty Focus

Donna Fernandez

Professor in Botany, L&S Biology Major Co-Chair

Why did you decide to enter your field?
I have always been interested in biology. I took a Cell Biology course as an undergraduate and thought learning about cells and how they work was fascinating. The combination of biology and chemistry in this field was just right for me.

What classes do you teach at UW?
The cell biology section of first semester Introductory Biology (151/153), graduate courses in Plant Cell Biology and Plant Developmental Biology. I’ve also taught the plant structure/function section of Biology 152 and General Botany (130) in the past. 

What do you like best about teaching at UW?
The quality of the students. We are privileged to teach some really engaged, hard-working students who are going to go on to do great things.  

What types of research questions are you curious about? 
I like research that addresses how something works. For me, that typically involves probing either a cellular or developmental mechanism.

What are areas active research in your lab?
Our main focus right now is on chloroplast biogenesis. Specifically we are studying how chloroplast membrane proteins are targeted and integrated, and how the systems involved contribute to the development of chloroplasts.

What is the most interesting research or project you have worked on?
I always think that whatever I am currently working on is the most interesting thing ever. 

What do you wish you could teach everyone about your field?
That plants (and plant cells) do amazing things. 

What class would you recommend to undergraduates?
A scientific writing course, if you get a chance.

What suggestions do you have for student success?
Try not to focus too narrowly as an undergraduate. Take some time to explore. 

When I am not teaching or researching, I enjoy….
I’ve turned into a pretty hard-core gardener. The soil in the Midwest is amazing. 

Important Dates

Deadline to request pass/fail or credit/audit options for a Spring term course
P/F can only be used for elective course; not major, college or university requirements: Friday, February 16, 2018

 Academic Information

The Health and the Humanities Certificate Info Sessions

The Health and the Humanities Certificate is hosting several info sessions to start off the spring semester!  The HatH Certificate is a great way for students to learn more about the cultural, historical, and philosophical factors that influence the choices people make about health care in the United States. 

Sign up for an info session in February at this link.   


Biocore Information Session

Led by Biocore Student Peer Advisors ~ learn about program and get your questions answered! Did we mention PIZZA?

Thursday, February 15
6:30 PM
Biocommons, Steenbock Library

Get a feeling for Biocore Student Experience - VIDEO

•  Collaborative Honors biology community

•  Fulfill requirements for any biological science major (intro to intermed biology coursework, CommB)

•  Small class sizes with supportive large teaching team

•  Strong emphasis on research, scientific reasoning and communication

•  Earn Biocore Honors Certificate

* General Chemistry 104, 109, or 115
* First semester calculus: Math 221 (or equiv)
* Fall 2018 (or previous) enrollment in Org Chem 343

Biocore courses start in the Fall.
Regular Application Deadline is March 2, 2018.


CALS Study Abroad

Grow Global with CALS Study Abroad
Wednesday, February 7
4:00 - 5:00pm
116 Ag Hall
Learn about CALS study abroad options, meet our team of advisors and get information about financial aid and scholarships to fund study abroad. Apply your experience to your major, college or university requirements. Free snacks and a succulent plant!

CALS Study Abroad Walk-in Advising Spring Hours
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 1 - 3pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 - 2pm
Email:  Phone:  608-265-3835

Summer Study Abroad applications still open! Deadlines approaching: Feb. 16, 19 and 23 (Visit website for all program details!) CALS Study Abroad Scholarships- for Summer, Fall and Academic Year



Reid Bryson Scholarship Poster Competition

Design a poster to showcase your research project, to be displayed at the UW-Madison Climate Change Symposium, and present a 2-minute flash talk at the Symposium on Thursday, February 22. Your poster should share your ongoing or completed research project on fundamental climatic and meteorological  processes or environmental issues at the interface of climate, people and the environment.

$2,000 in awards 

Deadline to apply: Friday, February 9
Email Anne Sophie Daloz your intention to apply and for more information.


Continuing Student Scholarships

Students may apply to these scholarship and find more details at

Paul R. Ebling Scholarship (any school or college)
This $5,000 scholarship supports a current junior or senior planning to attend the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. Recipients must be Wisconsin high school graduates.  Applicants must have excellent academic records, be a current 3rd or 4th year Junior or Senior, and have demonstrated service to the campus and/or Madison community. Recommendations are required.  This scholarship will be paid out in Spring 2018. Due February 15.
Troxell Glicksman Scholarship Awards (campus-wide undergraduate women)
Scholarship awards ranging from $300 - $1,500 with selection initiated by faculty or staff nomination. Nominations deadline February 23, 2018. These awards recognize outstanding upperclass women whose qualifications include intellectual ability and curiosity, good citizenship, appreciation of the world outside herself and engagement in its affairs. Once nominated by faculty or staff, application materials are completed including short essay about future plans and resume. Selected applicants are invited to a small group interview in early April.  If you would like to be nominated, contact your Biology advisor by February 15.
Mathea Helen and Lawless Louis Mollere Pre-Medicine Scholarship (L&S only)
This scholarship provides up to $10,000 scholarship to a Letters & Science junior or senior with financial need pursuing medical school or graduate study.  This is for payment during the 2018-2019 academic year.  Applicants must be 2nd or 3rd year students at the time of application.

Eligible students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0; be taking pre-med course work; and have financial need.  Recommendations are required. There is a preference for students who demonstrate breadth in the liberal arts outside of the biological sciences.  The donor prefers that the recipients do not smoke, or use alcohol or drugs. Due February 15.
2018 Richard Ralph Winter Phoenix Rising Humanitarian Scholarship (L&S only)
This scholarship rewards humanitarian achievement and service, encourages excellence and commitment in the application of humanitarian ideals, and affirms the moral obligation to provide for human welfare. The selected student would receive an award of $2,600 paid out in the Fall 2018 term.

Eligible students must be second or third year students and have a strong record of community/humanitarian service. The ideal scholarship candidate should exhibit a natural desire to provide for human welfare and a rational compassion for others. Further consideration will be given if the candidate has overcome life or academic challenges and/or has financial need. Finally, the recipient should possess the innate qualities of dignity, courage and discipline. Due February 28.
University Book Store Academic Excellence Awards
These awards provide $1,000 to undergraduate students who have distinguished themselves by completing outstanding projects, such as a senior thesis, at UW-Madison.  Students must be enrolled in a degree program during the 2017-18 academic year (December 2017 graduates may apply).  Due March 19.
Call for Art Scholarship
The Office of Student Financial Aid  is accepting submissions to be displayed on the walls of the 9th Floor of 333 East Campus Mall from February 23 – April 25, 2018. A student jury will award a $500 scholarship to the best entry. Due February 11.
Dean of Students Outstanding Undergraduate Returning Student Awards.
A Nominee must be:
* Currently enrolled at UW-Madison as a senior undergraduate degree candidate who began or resumed University work after a significant interruption (usually five or more years) in their formal education
* Earning their first undergraduate degree and have a cumulative GPA which reflects academic success
* Anticipating graduation in May, August or December of 2018
* A new nominee for the award (not previously considered)
Contact your Biology advisor by February 9 if you wish to be nominated.

Research and Fellowship Opportunities

The Annual Undergraduate Symposium

Share your creativity, achievement and talent across all disciplines through oral presentations, poster sessions, exhibitions, film shorts, artist talks, and performances. The Undergraduate Symposium is open to all University of Wisconsin – Madison students enrolled during the 2017-2018 academic year, including those who graduated in December. This is an excellent venue for all research, including capstone.

This year’s Undergraduate Symposium will be held Friday, April 13, in Union South. The schedule includes a film shorts session, a Lighting-style talk session, a performance workshop where students can perform and discuss their creative process session, and the Friends and Family reception at 12:45 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. Call for proposals is open, apply by March 1.


Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Summer Research Program

This program is designed to give undergraduates from underrepresented minorities the opportunity to conduct experimental biological research for 8-10 weeks in the lab of our faculty trainers. This summer experience includes:

   • research in a lab with a finite project asking a biological/toxicological question
   • professional development tutorials
   • opportunities to write, design, and present science to peers
   • a small stipend.

The goal is to expose students to bench science for their consideration as a possible (graduate school) career. If you are interested, please email Mark Marohl at for more details.


The University of Maryland Summer Research Initiative to Increase Diversity

Rising juniors and seniors increase their interest in research careers in the social and behavioral sciences, develop research skills, and learn about doctoral training with the goal of encouraging students to pursue doctoral degrees in the social and behavioral sciences. The program has a special emphasis on population groups underrepresented in these fields (i.e., African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders).
Program Details This 8-week program will be held on the UM campus from June 2 - July 28. Students will be provided a meaningful research experience by working with a faculty mentor in one of our nine academic departments. We also supplement the research experience with lectures, workshops, and networking opportunities. Students are provided round-trip airfare, meals, room and board in university on-campus housing. Application due: February 10.


Syngenta Seeds Summer Research

Position: Syngenta Seeds - Summer Field Research Associate
Location: Syngenta Seeds. Janesville, Wisconsin
Timeline: Summer 2018. May through September if schedule allows.

This position is focused around providing an introduction into the Seeds Production Research (SPR) department of a global agriculture business company. Applicant will be focused on interaction and two-way communication with project managers, SPR Scientists, SPR Agronomists, Corn Breeders, and research staff focused on the characterization and advancement of corn inbreds for the seed industry. Applicant will manage local field research projects during late spring, summer, and early fall. At Syngenta, you have the opportunity to work alongside some of the brightest minds to find real solutions for the seed industry.

For more information, contact Luke Drendel (Seeds Production Research Agronomist):


Sophomore Research Fellowships

Fellowships support undergraduate research done in collaboration with UW–Madison faculty or research/instructional academic staff. The student researcher receives $2,500, and the faculty/staff research advisor receives $500 to help offset research costs. At the time of application, the student must be a sophomore, a freshman who will have more than 24 credits after May 2018, or a transfer student in their first year of attendance at UW-Madison. Due February 12.


Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships and Holstrom Environmental Scholarships

These awards provide support for collaborative research between undergraduate students and faculty or research/instructional academic staff members. The student researcher receives $3,000, and the faculty/staff receives $1,000 to help offset research costs. Students must have at least junior standing at the time of application. The Holstrom Scholarships require an environmental focus. The McPherson Eye Research Institute will continue to sponsor one additional Hilldale Fellowship for vision based research (including bioengineering, imaging, data visualization, ophthalmology and general biology of the eye). Due February 12.

Career, Job, and Internship Events and Opportunities

Are you looking for a position after graduation or a meaningful internship this summer?  Buckynet is the place to visit! The Biology Newsletter will include postings to share a variety of the wealth of opportunities that may be posted to Buckynet or come directly from the source. However, you should still utilize Buckynet for a more robust search. Ready to sign up? Keep in mind it can take a day or so for your college to verify your status to access BuckyNet, so request an account today!

CALS students the CALS Careers site, click BuckyNet on the lower left, and select the students button

L&S students: visit SuccessWorks, click on BuckyNet on the top bar, then click through Current Students to sign up.

This section will also include positions for student workers, so it is always a good time in your college career at UW to read Career, Job, and Internship Events and Opportunities and visit the UW Student Job Center.


Covance - Lunch and conversation with scientists!

Learn about a career in bioscience and biotechnology!

Wednesday, February 7th
12:00 -2:00 pm (stop by anytime your schedules allows)
Biocommons, Lower Level, Steenbock Library


Learn about Scholarships with the US Navy

Never made the connection between the US Navy and health professions?

Come learn from Chief Alvin Miles as he offers insights to the application and selection process for the US Navy’s Health Professions Scholarship Program. If your interests are in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Clinical Psychology, & Social Work you need to come by and check it out. No need to have your career figured out, or even your major, it is just a time to explore what the US Navy has to offer and the demand for global health professionals.

Wednesday, February 14
SuccessWorks, 3rd floor University Book Store 711 State Street

Online Registration Recommended:


Career Fairs and Preparation

Career Fair Prep Night
Monday, Feb. 5 | 6-7:30 pm | Pyle Center (Open across all Colleges)
Spring Career & Internship Fair (Open across all Colleges)
Tuesday, Feb. 6 | 4-8 pm | Kohl Center
Employers Attending:
Career Fair Website:
Interviews Don’t Have to Be Scary
Landing a job in healthcare, behavioral health, or clinical research
Tuesday, Feb. 13 | noon-1 pm | 338 Brogden Hall
Thursday, April 12
Co-sponsored with L&S, Engineering and CALS. Full details to be posted on SuccessWorks.
Employer Mock Interview Days SuccessWorks at the College of Letters and Science (Open to L&S Students Only)
Feb. 14 – Tech/Data
Feb. 21 – Breaking into Business
Feb. 28 – Science & Product Development
March 7 – Non-Profit Management / Government
Sign ups for each career community employer mock interview willl be posted on SuccessWorks.
CALS Mock Interview Clinic
Thursday, March 1 | 6-7:30 pm | Biocommons, Steenbock Library


Student Garden Summer Internship

West Madison Ag Research Station is hiring four paid interns for the 2018 season. Applicants should have background in plant science, plant pathology, entomology or horticultural related field-experience. Student interns will be expected to help take the lead role in the maintenance, data collection, and trial management of bedding plant trials, wine and table grape research, and evaluation of overall management of annual and perennial flower program.

These positions offer a wonderful opportunity to meet CALS faculty, staff, and other students, and to get hands-on experience with applied research.  This is also a great opportunity to meet farmers, growers, industry representatives, and visit production facilities and other gardens.

Mon-Fri, 8-4:30pm, 40 hrs/week.  May through August.  Must be a current and continuing student. Must have a reliable means of transportation to the station and be punctual, responsible and dependable. A strong work ethic is important and must be committed from May through August.


Get Your Internship Together

Tuesday, February 13
3:00 – 7:00 pm (students may drop in at any time)
SuccessWorks, 3rd Floor University Bookstore

SuccessWorks is hosting this event is targeted to L&S students conducting internship searches who need help with any aspect of the process. SuccessWorks staff and L&S alumni will offer drop-in appointments, resume reviews, online search/BuckyNet tips, and networking help. We can also help students who haven’t even started the search yet, but know they need to get going.


Alltech Career Development Program

Launched for recent or upcoming graduates. This is a phenomenal opportunity for students interested in an agricultural career to gain experience and be a part of a growing company. There is more information about the program on the Career Development Website, and the application is online as well. Deadline: Feb 9.


L & S Academic Advising Services is hiring summer SOAR peer advisors

L&S Peer Advisors welcome new students to campus and assist with course selection and enrollment. No experience necessary - we provide the training!

 As a Peer Advisor, you will develop interpersonal,communication, teamwork, and presentation skills L&S Peer Advisors are paid $10.50 / hour and work around 25-30 hours per week. Deadline to apply: Monday, February 12.


Center for the First Year Experience is hiring

Undergraduate teaching fellows for Fall 2018
- 4-6 hours per week at $10.50/hour
- Must have full-time student status for the current academic year and the following fall 2018 semester

Peer facilitators for the Our Wisconsin inclusion program
- Hours vary depending on time of year, $12/hour
- Must have full-time student status for the current academic year and the following 2018-19 year

Applications are open from now until March 1, 2018. Please be prepared to upload a resume when you fill out the job application.

Other Opportunities and Events

Student Organizations Fair

It’s never too late to get involved! Nearly 57% of first year UW students said they wished they had been MORE involved!

Wednesday, February 7, at the Kohl Center from 5-8 PM.

- Check out the Center for Leadership & Involvement website for links to campus involvement opportunities!

-Find leadership opportunities on Leadershare, an on-line resource directory.

- Log onto the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN) using your NetID & password to learn more about the 1000+ student organizations on campus & their upcoming events.

-Download the CORQ app on a tablet or smartphone for a mobile version of the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN).


Wisconsin Pre-Law Diversity Day

Friday, February 23 at Marquette University Law School

Join us if you are interested in law school or are in the process of applying. This FREE event is a great opportunity to:

• Learn about law school admissions

• Learn about diversity and the legal profession

• Attend a mock law school class

•  Meet with law school reps at a Law School Fair

CLICK HERE to learn more and register for the event and free bus transportation.  Lunch is also provided. 


YOU@WISC latest addition to mental health services

is a student connection portal with tools, content, and resources specific to UW-Madison student life. YOU@WISC is designed to build resilience within students and foster campus connections.

Divided into three key areas—succeed, thrive, matter—YOU@WISC offers personalized online tools and campus resources tailored to the needs of each individual student and is customized based on user interactions.

Both YOU@WISC and SilverCloud are available to add as widgets on the dashboard. Questions about either program can be sent to

YOU@WISC joins a suite of mental health services at UHS including access consultations, group counseling, and Let’s Talk. Visit for more information.