Biology Major Newsletter - March 13, 2018

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Biology Advising Notes

Preparing for Summer and Fall

Are you considering summer session? Meet with your advisor to determine if summer is a good fit with your academic, career, financial, and personal goals. Your advisor is a great resource for developing a variety of paths to completing your degree. If Summer is for you, apply for a summer scholarship. Summer registration times will be sent out March 19. Registration begins April 2.

Fall classes will be available tomorrow! Run your DARS, what are you missing? Use the Biology Requirements tab to determine what classes may fuel your interests and fulfill breadth categories. This is a good time to make an appointment with your advisor to review your Fall plans. Calendars fill quickly once the registration times are assigned. You and your goals are important to the Biology team. We want to see you, so don't delay in making your appointment. Physiology and Anatomy classes will have special enrollment processes. Please review the Academic section for details. Fall registration times will be sent out April 2. Registration begins April 9.

On Wisconsin!
The Biology Major Advising Team

Upcoming Deadlines

Deadline to drop a Spring term course: Friday, March 23
Deadline to apply for Spring Graduation: Wednesday, April 4

Student Spotlight

Seah Buttar

Biology and History of Science Majors

What has been your favorite bioscience class so far, and why?
My favorite bioscience class had to have been Neuroscience / Zoology 523. This introductory Neuro course was very interesting material wise showcasing some of the most relevant subjects in the field currently. Most of all, I really enjoyed and appreciated Professor Stretton. He was incredibly caring and really made an effort to make the course meaningful for students.

What class outside of the biosciences has resonated with you the most? What type of students would you encourage to take it as well?
I stumbled into a History course my very first semester here at UW and absolutely loved it. It was so influential to me, that I am now concurrently pursuing a History / History of Science major as well. I did not anticipate liking this course simply due to my disinterest in my High School History courses, but this was nothing like those courses. We explored the role of colonization and influence of western medicine in sub Saharan Africa with Professor Kodesh. The course was smaller and thus very engaging and discussion based comprised of a varied demographic of students.

I would definitely encourage students studying the biosciences to branch out and explore the various amazing humanities courses Madison has to offer. Take something a bit out of your comfort zone and it really could be worth the risk. 

What has been one of your challenges?  What tips do you have for others with the same challenge?
One of the hardest aspects of being a student at UW Madison is the fact that every student here is extremely motivated and hard working which can subsequently make certain classroom environments very competitive. I would suggest finding friends in an academic setting who encourage you rather than stress you out. Everyone learns at their own pace and you cannot measure your own personal success relative to others. It took me a while to figure this out and I still find myself in need of a reminder up to today.

Are you involved in research? Tips for those looking for research opportunities?
I work as an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Resnick’s Neurosurgery lab at the School of Medicine and Public Health! I’ve been with the lab for 7 semesters now and have loved my experience both with my lab and with the department. My first semester of freshman year was spent writing upwards of 20 emails to researchers at the School of Medicine and Public Health as well as at the WID to find a research position. It definitely takes a lot of time spent on researching what labs seem like a good fit, but soon you get the hang of it. I would encourage students to be persistent and recognize the caliber of research available for us to participate in here at UW Madison. It’s definitely an asset of the university that I would take advantage of as a Biology student.

Have you engaged in service, study abroad, Honors, FIGs? How have these activities influenced you personally, academically and/or professionally?
This past summer I got the amazing opportunity to complete my field experience for the Global Health Certificate in Mukono, Uganda. I cannot fully relay how much this experience meant to me and how much it has and will continue to influence me academically and personally. I went with an amazing group of 12 students and Professor James Ntambi and was able to participate in various service learning opportunities, mobile clinics, and educational lectures. Uganda and its people were incredibly inspirational and I can’t wait to go back and visit! I had always wanted to study abroad for a semester, but logistically it didn’t work out so I would encourage busier students to look into summer and winter break opportunities.

What do you hope to do after graduation?
After graduation, I am going to be attending the University of Minnesota to obtain my Masters in Public Health at the School of Health Policy and Management. I, then, plan on attending medical school to eventually practice medicine. I am incredibly excited to see how I can help the field of health care move to a more holistic approach while also mitigating the serious inequalities currently within the healthcare field. 

Academic Opportunities and Events

Fall 2018 Anatomy and Physiology Enrollment

Human Anatomy Lecture & Lab will now fall under the subject heading “Anatomy & Physiology.” There will be NO changes to course content. However, they will now be known as ANAT&PHY 337 (lecture) and ANAT&PHY 338 (lab). This change will take effect for Fall 2018.

ANAT&PHY 337: Human Anatomy (formerly Kines 337)
There will be two sections of human anatomy lecture offered for Fall 2018.

• Students with KNS or PRN classification will have priority enrollment until April 24 at 9 a.m. and should register at their scheduled appointment time.

• Students with SENIOR STATUS will be able to enroll starting at 9 a.m. on April 24.

• Students with JUNIOR STATUS will be able to enroll starting at 9 a.m. on April 25.

• Open enrollment for students meeting the prerequisite begins at 9 a.m. on April 26.

• No priority lists will be collected.

ANAT&PHY 338: Human Anatomy Lab (formerly Kines 338)
Students can “pre-qualify” for enrollment. Kinesiology students will be eligible to enroll during their scheduled appointment time. All other students wishing to take the course should complete a  pre-qualification survey located at the following link before March 31:

Students selected for pre-qualification will be notified before April 9 and placed in a student enrollment group. Enrollment for this group will take place beginning at 9 a.m. on April 24 through April 30. This will eliminate the need to be placed on the wait list or obtain permissions. All other students are invited to place themselves on the wait list beginning at 9 a.m. on April 30 and will be admitted as space allows.


Physiology 335 seats are limited and must be prioritized by campus based on need (e.g. students who need the course for a degree requirement or as a health professions *requirement*). Qualified Pre-Health students include: pre-PA, PT, OT, Dental, Pharmacy, or Accelerated BSN, not MD.

All Pre-Health students intending to pursue PA, PT, OT, Dental, Pharmacy, or an Accelerated BSN Program who wish to take the course in Fall 2018 should complete the Phys 335 Pre-Qualification Survey:  by 11:55pm on March 31. If you do not fill out the survey, you will likely not be able to enroll in the course. Completion of the survey does not guarantee you a spot in the class. To be considered for pre-qualification (and therefore potential access to the course at your enrollment time), you must: 

    - Be a graduating senior in academic year 2018-2019
    - Need to complete the course prior to applying to programs in PA, PT, OT, Dental, Pharmacy, or Accelerated BSN (MD programs do not require Physiology)
    - Have an overall GPA greater than 3.0. 

For those not pre-qualified, waitlisting starts at noon on April 23.


Secondary Education Teacher program

The UW-Madison secondary education teacher program is for those who wish to become licensed teachers in high school and middle school. Each June a cohort of students starts their preparation and finishes the following August- ready to teach in the fall. During the 14 month program, candidates earn a teaching certification in their content area, certification in English as a Second Language (ESL), as well as a Master’s degree from Curriculum and Instruction.

To apply, candidates need:
- an undergraduate degree; must be completed by June, 2018
- a background in a content area (English, math, science or social studies)
- an interest in working with adolescent students
- a completed UW Grad school application, No GRE is required if the GPA is above a 3.0.

Candidates who submit their application prior to March 31st are eligible to be considered for scholarships. Contact Joey Lubasi with questions -


Writing Center Workshops

Read Like a Jedi: 5 Effective Ways to Read Sources When Writing Your Research Papers
Wednesday, March 21, 4:30 - 5:45 p.m.

Personal Statements for Health Professions Programs
Are you writing a personal statement for your application to a health professions program? Will you write one someday? Register for one of the following workshops:
    Tuesday, March 20, 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
    Friday, April 6, 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.
    Thursday, April 19, 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.

Scholarships and Awards

Wisconsin Without Borders Awards

Wisconsin Without Borders recognizes work that demonstrates outstanding examples of globally engaged scholarship by members of the UW-Madison community.  Awards carry a prize of between $500- 1,500 per project. Undergraduate students are eligible for the Peter Bosscher Award and the 4W Award. Due March 12.


L&S Students: Fund Your Summer Internship!

SuccessWorks Offers Summer Internship Scholarships. Awards range from $1000 - $5000. You must be an L&S student with a GPA 2.5 or above, have applied to or secured an internship (minimum 10 hr/wk for 6 weeks), and complete at least 1 more semester at UW-Madison afterwards. Preference given to students completing unpaid internships, or those who would not be able to participate in the internship without financial support. Students who are underrepresented in their school, major, and/or industry will also be prioritized. Apply through  Scholarships@UW-Madison. Due March 31.

Research and Fellowship Opportunities

CALS Undergraduate Research Symposium

Communicate and showcase your scientific research. You can choose to present a poster or give a podium talk on your research. This is also a chance to fulfill part of the Biology major CALS capstone. All students, faculty and families are encouraged to attend. Please submit abstracts before March 14. The symposium is April 18th from 9:30 to 3:00, with morning and afternoon sessions.

Career, Job, and Internship Events and Opportunities

What Can I Do With A Career in Sustainability?

Consider the different sectors within the job market and how your skills could match up, what are common position titles, and types of work, like environmental consulting and compliance?

Friday, March 16
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
SuccessWorks 711 State St. (above the UW bookstore)


I’m Going To Be a Senior, Now What?

Need to develop your skills, explore post-grad options, determine your next steps? Not sure how you’re going to use your degree? Now’s a good time to attend this session, learn the tips from career and academic advisors to make the most of your senior year, and find out how you can prepare for life beyond UW-Madison.

Tuesday, March 20
4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Steenbock Library, BioCommons

RSVP to save your spot. Questions: at SuccessWorks at the College of Letters & Science


CALS Ambassador Team is Recruiting - Apply Today!

CALS Ambassadors are a team of current undergraduates from all CALS majors coming together to help represent the college. They plan and support events that recruit new Badgers, welcome them to campus, and tell them all about the great opportunities CALS has to offer.

If you want to share in those transformative experiences, apply to become a CALS Ambassador! The team is recruiting and welcomes any current CALS students to be a part of this organization. Application is available now and requires an updated resume. Deadline: March 16.


International Academic Programs is hiring for 2018-2019

Have you participated on an IAP/CALS study abroad program? IAP is looking for Undergraduate Study Abroad Peer Advisors, Student Marketing Coordinators, and Enrollment Assistants. Position descriptions and application available through MyStudyAbroad. Deadline:March 18.


The Morgridge Center for Public Service is hiring undergraduate interns for the 2018-19 academic year!

All positions pay $10.25/ hour and require a commitment of ~10 hours per week. Intern applications are due March 18. Students interested in applying for multiple positions should complete the individual application materials for each position.


Department of Residence Life in University Housing is hiring

Residence Life is seeking student leaders for 2018-2019. Gain great leadership experience while you bring your passions to the job. If you like large scale event planning, have been a part of a Learning Community, value academics and inclusion, or even plan to be a House Fellow one day, these jobs would be perfect for you. Flexible for student schedules and  open to all majors. Deadline: March 23.


The Institute for Chemical Education (ICE) is hiring

ICE will offer Chemistry Camps this summer. The camps provide a fun and exciting
chemistry laboratory experience for middle school students. We need Group Leaders (undergraduates) to work with groups of 4-6 students in labs each day. Group leaders are paid $12/hr. We have openings for 10 leaders in each camp, and prefer those who are available for all sessions (but not required). Mandatory training sessions will be held before camps begin. Leaders must have a strong science background; applicants must have completed general chemistry courses. Apply by April 6.

Other Opportunities and Events