Biology Major Newsletter - May 1, 2018

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Biology Advising Notes

Course Updates and Waitlists

Bio 151 Fall: Fall sections appear full or waitlisted on Navigator's Enrollment/Course Search and in Course Guide. However, there are sections open. You need to use Class Search to find them. Unfortunately, this is not connected to a scheduling app and you will have to figure out manually how an open section can fit into your Fall plan. Use this tutorial for help with enrolling through Student Center.

Fall Anat & Physio 337, 338 and 335: Add yourself to the waitlist. Students will be admitted as space allows.

Summer Kines 337 and 338: Open sections are available. All enrollment questions should be sent to

Summer Physio 335: Open sections are available.

Waitlists: If you are on a wailtist for a class, you should also register for another class that meets the same requirements. For example, if you are waitlisted for Anat 338, you should have another Cat B, lab in your schedule if it is your last semester and you have not taken another Cat B or lab. If you can move the class to a different semester, put another requirement in as a back-up in the event you do not move into the course. For example, if you can move Anat & Physio to Spring, put in a Category C or D or literature if you need any of those items. If you are feeling overwhelmed, come in and see your advisor. In person, your advisor can help you with an alternate plan using your degree plan and DARS.

Biology Advisors cannot move you into classes or check  your position on a waitlist. Contact the department's enrollment coordinator. Who? When you are in Course Guide, you'll notice the lecture has a hyperlink. Click it. Then you will see information on the class (like how many students can enroll, what is the waitlist capacity, etc). Midway down, there is a section on contacts. See DoIT's Knowlege Base for common questions.

On Wisconsin!
The Biology Major Advising Team

Academic Opportunities and Events

Summer Course Equivalency Service

Will you be taking a class away from UW Madison this summer? If so, make sure your course counts here! The Course Equivalency Service is open from March 1 – May 15. Once a CES request has been processed, you will receive an equivalency detailing exactly how  coursework will transfer to UW-Madison. It is a good idea to talk with your Biology major advisor to determine if the class can be applied to the major.


Peer Learning Association Facilitators

PLA is a student organization that provides additional study sessions for a variety of science classes that are once a week for two hours. Facilitators lead these sessions by using an outline to discuss topics and lead their peers (students currently taking the course) through the material. Lecture managers meet weekly with the professor to create outlines for facilitators and peers to use in the weekly study sessions (this is a great way to get to better know your professor!). In addition to their session or weekly meetings, facilitators and lecture managers attend training every Thursday night from 7-9pm where they review the material for the following week and meet with their course team. If you are interested in being a facilitator or lecture manager, please fill out this survey:

If you have any questions about our organization feel free to email Jessica Pederson at

Career, Job, and Internship Events and Opportunities

Dr. Wang's Sustainable Vegetable Production Lab (UW Department of Horticulture), Student Positions

Summer Lab Technician: Arlington, WI
The research is focused on evaluating methods to determine plant nitrogen status for potato. Duties for this position include preparation and analysis of plant samples specifically drying, grinding, prepping samples for total nitrogen and nitrate analysis. Successful applicant will be punctual, self-motivated, and find analytical work rewarding. Must have transportation to Arlington, WI. Coursework in analytical chemistry or equivalent are beneficial. This is a full-time hourly position starting ~June 1.

Summer Fieldwork Assistant: Hancock Ag Research Station
The fieldwork will be focused on: 1) evaluating several methods to determine plant nitrogen status for potato; 2) using a Variable Rate Irrigation system to water different potato varieties and measure their responses. Duties for this position include: scouting potato fields for potato growth and pest issues, collecting plant leaf and vine samples, reading soil moisture probes and recording the data, scheduling irrigation events and participating in irrigation management of potato production. Coursework in agronomy, soil science, or equivalent are desired. Transportation between Madison and Hancock will be provided. Research dates ~ June 1 - August 20 for 20-30 hours/week. Successful applicant will be punctual, self-motivated, and find fieldwork rewarding

Pay is $9.50/hour and positions have potential for continuing in the Fall, part-time. Email Mack Naber ( for application/position details.


Salus Discovery Lab Position for New Graduates

Salus Discovery is seeking a full-time lab technician to aid in experimentation, documentation, and organization, as well as manage lab inventory. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in Biology, Bioengineering, or a related technical field, as well as a strong work ethic, excellent technical communication skills, and a proven ability to perform in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Salus Discovery manages diverse projects with ample opportunities for multiple-disciplinary collaboration. Salus Discovery offers competitive compensation and benefits including health insurance and employer matched 401K.

Other Opportunities and Events

Pre-Dental Education and Community Service (PEACS)

PEACS is a student org dedicated to resourcing pre-dental students with information and opportunities that will enhance preparation for dental school. They host educational speakers at their meetings to talk about topics ranging from public health dentistry to specialties and diversity in dentistry to becoming competitive for dental school. They also host semesterly X-ray and impressions training workshops and shadowing opportunities. And, they connect students with volunteer opportunities working with people who are underserved by healthcare systems. PEACS was founded in association with More Smiles Wisconsin, a nonprofit dental clinic right here in Madison.  To join, get more information, and find out when the next meeting of PEACS is, please email

Courses Outside of the Biology Major