Biology Major Newsletter - May 8, 2018

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Biology Advising Notes

Well Done!

Congratulations to all of our Biology Major graduates! We wish you the best in your future endeavors. Please complete your graduation survey to help Biology gain a better understanding of your experience. Visit Badger Bridge and the Wisconsin Alumni Association to keep connected to UW. Keep in touch with your advisor, we like to hear from our graduates and learn about more about your journey.


Summer Advising

Did you know that Biology major advisors are here during the summer? Make an appointment to discuss 4-year plans, course selection, learning support resources, explore major options, fine-tune your Fall schedule, or discuss your Biology questions. You can find your advisor in Student Center, on the right toolbar. 


Welcome Brittany Magrady

The Biology Major is excited to introduce our newest Biology Major Advising Team member: Brittany! Brittany will advise students whose last names start with Dj through Kh. You may make appointments with Brittany through your Scheduling Assistant or Biology Advising. Let's get to know Brittany:

What brings you to UW Biology?
I’d been advising for a few years in the private sector but wanted to get back into the UW System, and what better place than Madison?! Though I did not pursue traditional sciences in my undergrad, I do have a love for Biology, Geology, and Astronomy, and sometimes Chemistry.

What Biology major classes interests you and why?
Botany/F&W 402: Dendrology and Botany 300: Plant Anatomy. When I was in 5th grade I was dead-set on becoming a Botanist after a project I did on Aloe Vera. Though this did not pan-out, I still have a high interest in learning about plants and trees, specifically local species, and would love to take these courses.

What class would you recommend to undergraduates, why?
Any course on family systems, socioeconomic differences, diversity and inclusion, and intercultural history. It is so important, to a degree that I cannot even but into words, that you make the most of your time in undergrad and expand your worldview. It will not only help you be ready for the world and to work with others with different worldviews, but you will grow and develop a stronger self-awareness.

Thinking back on your life as a student, what challenge sticks out, how did you rise to the challenge?
The challenge that sticks out most for me is knowing I needed help with something but being too afraid or unsure of how to ask for it. Knowing you need help with tutoring or getting a letter of recommendation or even for your health can seem daunting, especially when you’re used to just going to your parents. For me, it was starting slow with broaching the subject with my friends and classmates, gaining their insight or advice, and then going to my professor or advisor for further help. It can be a sticky spot to know you need help but not knowing how to get it, sometimes you just have to take a chance on the people around you that you trust.

What suggestions do you have for student success?
Use the resources around you! The clinics, the workshops, the seminars, recreation, research, studying abroad, all of it! All the resources around you are there for your success as an undergrad. Use as many as you can!

The best advice I ever received…Expect change, accept change.

When I am not advising, I enjoy…Traveling, hiking, indoor rock climbing, biking, reading, and listening to podcasts while coloring. 

Academic Opportunities and Events

Summer Course Equivalency Service

Will you be taking a class away from UW Madison this summer? If so, make sure your course counts here! The Course Equivalency Service is open from March 1 – May 15. Once a CES request has been processed, you will receive an equivalency detailing exactly how  coursework will transfer to UW-Madison. It is a good idea to talk with your Biology major advisor to determine if the class can be applied to the major.


Peer Learning Association Facilitators

PLA is a student organization that provides additional study sessions for a variety of science classes that are once a week for two hours. Facilitators lead these sessions by using an outline to discuss topics and lead their peers (students currently taking the course) through the material. Lecture managers meet weekly with the professor to create outlines for facilitators and peers to use in the weekly study sessions (this is a great way to get to better know your professor!). In addition to their session or weekly meetings, facilitators and lecture managers attend training every Thursday night from 7-9pm where they review the material for the following week and meet with their course team. If you are interested in being a facilitator or lecture manager, please fill out this survey: If you have any questions about our organization feel free to email Jessica Pederson at

Career, Job, and Internship Events and Opportunities

Top 5 Reasons to Apply to Work as a Student Staff Member with SuccessWorks

  1. Get meaningful work experience without ever leaving campus.
  2. Develop and enhance skills and qualities that employers value most.
  3. Receive ongoing career support and professional development from (awesome) SuccessWorks colleagues who care about your interests and goals.
  4. Access employers and alumni at SuccessWorks events and programs before the crowd arrives.
  5. Make some money while supporting the personal and professional success of all L&S students!

We have FOUR different student staff opportunities available for the 2018-2019 academic year, and you don’t even have to be a career expert to apply (we’ll teach you that stuff later). You can view all available position descriptions here, and when you’re ready, click here to begin the online application. We know you’re busy with final projects, papers, and exams, so don’t stress about this now. The application is open through Sunday, May 20, at 11:59 PM. Questions about any of the positions? Contact Tara Milliken.

Other Opportunities and Events

Pre-Dental Education and Community Service (PEACS)

PEACS is a student org dedicated to resourcing pre-dental students with information and opportunities that will enhance preparation for dental school. They host educational speakers at their meetings to talk about topics ranging from public health dentistry to specialties and diversity in dentistry to becoming competitive for dental school. They also host semesterly X-ray and impressions training workshops and shadowing opportunities. And, they connect students with volunteer opportunities working with people who are underserved by healthcare systems. PEACS was founded in association with More Smiles Wisconsin, a nonprofit dental clinic right here in Madison.  To join, get more information, and find out when the next meeting of PEACS is, please email


Take Care of Yourself

You@Wisc connects students with tools, content and resources specific to UW-Madison student life. Divided into three areas – succeed, thrive, matter – You@Wisc offers personalized online tool and resources. You can add You@Wisc and SilverCloud to your My.Wisc dashboard. They are available no matter where summer takes you.

Courses Outside of the Biology Major