GUTS Opportunities

GUTS is seeking Conversational English tutors for international students who are working on improving their English skills. Volunteers get to be a tutor, make friends, and learn new cultures!

Our Foreign Language Learners program provides an opportunity for students to practice languages casually outside of the classroom. GUTS is recruiting both tutees and tutors for ANY foreign languages. We are especially looking for students who want to practice Chinese, as we have many Chinese tutors available to help!

Academic Match is currently looking for tutors in Math, Statistics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Psychology, Computer Science, Physics, and Anatomy. This is a volunteer program with an opportunity to get a tutor certificate!

GUTS can help!

For students struggling with a certain class, time management, test prep, or just want to talk about studying methods, a Study Skills appointment could be a good solution to some of these challenges. Consider scheduling a Study Skills appointment today!  Click for any additional resources for Study Skills.

If you are considering graduate school our Bonding Undergraduate and Graduate Students (BUGS), program can provide you with insight into post-undergraduate life. Each student will be matched with a current graduate student in a similar or exact field to meet bi-weekly to discuss plans after college.

For more information, visit

Student Activity Center (SAC)
Office #4413 (4th Floor)
333 East Campus Mall