Your advisor is here to guide you through the Biology major. We can address your questions and concerns, provide advice, help you create a four-year degree plan that meets your major and professional goals, and connect you to resources.  It is important to remember that advising is about the process, and some questions do not have a quick and easy answer. Your advisor will challenge you to self-reflect, to critically think about your goals and strategies, and to develop decision-making skills. For more information about what to expect during your advising appointment, visit UW Undergraduate Advising.

Advisors are assigned based on last name. (Map)

Students with last names starting with letters:

Academic Advisor


"A" through "Di"

Erica Haas-Gallo
2528 Microbial Sciences Bldg

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"Dj" through "Kh"

Brittany Magrady
2532 Microbial Sciences Building

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"Ki" through "O"

Todd Courtenay
2526 Microbial Sciences Bldg

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P” through “T

Brian Asen

Brian Asen
2452 Microbial Sciences Bldg

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U” through “Z

Photo by Kevin J. Miyazaki/Redux

Kelley Harris
2536 Microbial Sciences Bldg

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Faculty Advisors:  The Biology Major has a network of over 50 faculty advisors on campus to advise students within the Biology Major. Faculty Advisors are excellent resources for research guidance, graduate school preparation, and navigating the major requirements. Students may be assigned a faculty advisor upon major declaration. Once matched, contact the faculty advisor directly for an appointment.