Four Year Road Map – Plant Biology Option

This plan is designed to make it easy to move into other biological science majors. The Road Map is a tool to assist you and your advisor in planning your academic career. Use it along with the Curriculum Sheet (CALS) for your major, your DARS report, and the Course Guide. Your specific program of study could, and probably will, look different. You need to customize the Road Map to fit your situation. Consult with your advisor about the best path for you.

Year 1Fall Credits Spring Credits
   Chem 103 or 109 4-5     Chem 104 5
   Math1 2-5     Stats/Math 3-5
   Foreign Language or Elective 3-4     COMM A or Breadth 5-7
   COMM A or Breadth 3-4
   CALS First-Year Seminar2 1
Year 2
   Chem 343 3     Chem 345 3
   Stats/Math (if needed) 5     Chem 344 2
   Introductory Biology3 3-5     Introductory Biology 3-5
   Breadth 3     Breadth 4-6
Year 3
   Physics 4-5     Physics 4-5
   Biocore or Foundation 3-5     Biocore or Adv Plant Biology 3-5
   Electives 5     Electives 5
    Plant Science Seminar 1
Year 4
   Advanced Plant Biology 5     Advanced Biology 5
   Capstone or Research 2-3     Capstone or Research 2-3
   Electives 5-8     Electives 5-8
   Plant Science Seminar (if needed) 1     Plant Science Seminar (if needed) 1

1Math determined by placement scores. Biology Majors must complete MATH 171/217 or 221 plus one additional math/stats course; Stats recommended.

2Suggested that CALS freshmen investigate INTER-AG 155: Issues in Agriculture, Environment and Life Sciences; BIOLOGY 100: Exploring Biology; or a FIG.

3Students may complete BIOLOGY/BOTANY/ZOOLOGY 151-152 & a foundational course or (recommended) BIOLOGY/ZOOLOGY 101-102, BIOLOGY/BOTANY 130 & a foundational course or BIOCORE (four lectures and two of three labs required).